Compare Medicare Supplement Plans In Virginia – Instant Quotes

Affordable Virginia Medigap Insurance plans are available. Many of the largest companies offer Senior Medicare Supplement policies that are specifically designed to cover out-of-pocket expenses you normally would be required to pay. We explain the basics in easy-to-understand terms and show you which options may be the most appropriate for you. We also make it easy for you (at the top of the page) to instantly view the carriers with competitive 2020 prices and offers. 10 plans are available from Anthem BCBS, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and other companies.


What Does Medicare Cover?


Medicare provides benefits for persons age 65 and above. There are four parts (A,B,C and D).  Parts A and B are the conventional health insurance portion that pays for hospital coverage along with doctor's expenses, lab fees, equipment and many other services. Medicare provides benefits for persons age 65 and above. Part A benefits also include skilled nursing facility, home healthcare, and hospice. You do not pay for Part A benefits if you have payed SS benefits for at least 10 years (40 quarters). Otherwise, a monthly premium must be paid. Coverage is standardized, so benefits will be the same in all counties.


You may incur a cost for Part B, based on your income and there is also a deductible to meet and a coinsurance. Most necessary physician's services are covered, along with durable medical equipment, qualified preventative care, laboratory tests, x-rays, mental health care, outpatient hospital expenses, and some ambulatory expenses. Obtaining a second opinion for an upcoming surgery is also a covered expense. A limited number of outpatient prescription drugs are also included in Part B benefits. Examples include antigens prepared by a physician, blood clotting factors, ESRD drugs, infused and injectable drugs, and drugs used with covered durable medical equipment.


Typically, your own enrollment period is three months before and after your 65th birthday. Postponing the application process could cost you money. For example, Part B premiums increase 10% for every year you wait to enroll. Procrastinating a few years will result in a substantial penalty. However, once enrolled, each year (during Open Enrollment), you can maintain your existing Medigap benefits, or review new options and change to a different plan. Any changes in medical conditions may impact which plans are the most cost-effective. Also, insurer premiums can change each year.


Plans F and C are no longer offered to newly-eligible Medicare participants. The MACRA legislation prohibits new 2020 Medigap plans can no longer pay for the Part B deductible. Plans C and F are the two impacted plans. It is hoped that medical misuse will reduce with the change. Existing customers can retain their existing plans since they will be "grandfathered."


NOTE: The annual deductible is not fixed, and can change. Also, if you are still working beyond age 65 and have employer-provided benefits, you can choose to delay Part B. However, once that coverage ends, there is an eight-month time limit for enrollment, or you may be subject to a penalty, and also may have to wait until the "General Enrollment Period." Part B also provides benefits that are considered preventative along with outpatient care and durable medical equipment.


Part C is "Advantage" coverage, and is provided by private carriers that also offer you Part A and B benefits. Previously, it was referred to as "Medicare+Choice." The CMS (Centers For Medicare And Medicare Services) offers a list of Virginia providers. Drug benefits are provided on some plans, but not all contracts. Benefits, including deductibles and copays, can vary. Expenses that are deemed "medically unnecessary" may not be covered. Vision, dental, and hearing benefits are often included, although copays and maximum benefits will vary, depending upon the carrier.


When you choose these policies, an insurer that is Medicare-approved, will administer the benefits. Each policy may have minor variations, so it is important to review the differences. If your current health changes from the last time you purchased a policy, it's possible that another plan, from another carrier, may be more cost-effective. Occasionally, service areas change, and specific plans may be offered in nearby counties, but not the county where you reside.


Advantage plans often feature "Wellness" programs that are rich in free benefits. Gym membership fee discounts, coupons, and other perks are fairly common. The annual savings can easily be hundreds of dollars per year, so don't forget to ask about them. "SilverSneakers" membership is a popular program that often includes a DVD and exercise kit. Other possible perks are medication therapy management, 24-hour nurse lines, cardio classes, yoga, and various social activities.


How To Get Drug Coverage In Virginia

Part D Covers Your Prescription Drugs

Part D is prescription drug benefits (both generic and non-generic). It's important to understand the classification and/or tier of your drugs, especially, if it is considered a "specialty" drug. All persons can apply for Part D, since your household income and existing prescription count does not impact cost or eligibility. Coverage can be obtained through the standard program or a Medicare Advantage plan.


Additional Points: If you already have veterans or military retiree RX benefits, you may not need to purchase separate Part D coverage since there may be quite a bit of overlap. Also, comparing the different tiered formulary copays and coinsurance will help you choose the best plan, based on the specific drugs you take. And it is extremely important to ensure that your pharmacy can fill all prescriptions in your household.


How Do You Buy Medigap Coverage?


Actually, you have a few choices. If you are retired from your employer, you may be offered benefits as part of your retirement program. Your prior employer may pay part, all (or none) of the premium. You can also buy a policy from a private insurer. There will be many plan selections and rates are very competitive since they are competing for your business. If you are not eligible for Medicare, you may not be eligible for most supplementary plans. Carriers that offer policies, are not required to offer coverage for all plans. Thus, it is possible for a company to offer Plans A, B, C, F, and G, but not plan F or plan F (HD).


Most plans are underwritten after an Open Enrollment period ends. That means that you would have to answer medical questions (not many) and your application could be declined. However, Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield features a "guarantee issue" provision for both males and females. Coverage is not underwritten, so unless there are citizenship eligibility issues, you should be approved.

NOTE: It is possible that an employer may alter or eliminate your benefits. However, if this occurs, you are given at least a 60-120 day notice in advance. Also, we frequently post the most recent plan prices from carriers at selected ages (65, 70, 75 etc...) as provided by Rates, however, are typically adjusted each year. And occasionally, a carrier will discontinue offering a specific plan option, or begin offering a policy that previously was not available.


When Do You Enroll?


Typically, you apply for coverage after you have been approved for Medicare. This usually occurs when you reach age 65 or when you apply for income through Social Security. There is a six month window surrounding your 65th birthday. This is your "Initial Enrollment Period"  (for Medicare). We  advise applying for eligibility about 90 days before you're actually eligible. This will give you ample time to compare the policies that best match your specific needs.


Best Medicare Supplement Prices Virginia

Virginia Medigap Rates Are Affordable

The General Enrollment period (if you miss your initial period) occurs during the first three months of the year. However, there is a penalty that you must pay and a Part B penalty that is charged every year. This is different than Virgina Health Exchange Open Enrollment which starts in October or November each year and traditionally ends about three months later.


Medicare Open Enrollment for 2020 effective dates begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th.


Who Are Some Of The Best Companies That Sell This Type Of Policy?


It's difficult to define the "best" company since there are many variables to consider.The licensed and approved Medicare Supplement insurance companies in Virginia are (in alphabetical order):

AARP (UnitedHealthcare)


American Retirement Life


Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield

Assured Life

Atlantic Coast Life

Bankers Fidelity

Central States

Colonial Penn

Combined Insurance



First Care



Greek Catholic Union

GPM Health And Life

Great Southern Life

Guarantee Trust Life

Individual Assurance

Liberty Bankers Life

Lumico Life

Manhattan Life

National Guardian Life

Mutual Of Omaha

Order Of United Commercial Travelers

Physician's Mutual

State Farm

United American



Current Estimated Medicare Supplement Plan Rates


Listed below are monthly prices for selected popular plans in the largest Virginia zip codes or counties. Rates are based on a non-smoking 65 year-old female. Smoker and male rates are generally higher. Companies do not offer all plans in each county.

Fairfax County Plan B


$99 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$121 -- Aetna


Fairfax County Plan C


$123 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$139 -- Manhattan Life


Fairfax County Plan F (High Deductible)


$36 -- Great Southern Life
$41 -- Cigna
$45 -- Humana
$53 -- Aetna


Fairfax County Plan F


$124 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$124 -- Great Southern Life
$130 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$130 -- Lumico Life
$136 -- Union Security
$136 -- Humana
$140 -- Manhattan Life
$142 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$146 -- Thrivent
$151 -- Cigna
$153 -- Aetna
$160 -- Transamerica
$196 -- Medico


Fairfax County Plan G (High Deductible)


$38 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$44 -- Humana


Fairfax County Plan G


$96 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$99 -- Lumico Life
$101 -- Great Southern Life
$101 -- Union Security
$104 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$105 -- Manhattan Life
$111 -- Aetna
$114 -- Humana
$115 -- Thrivent
$118 -- Transamerica
$123 -- Medico
$124 -- Cigna


Fairfax County Plan N


$75 -- Union Security
$77 -- Transamerica
$79 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$82 -- Lumico Life
$82 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$86 -- Great Southern Life
$86 -- Thrivent
$99 -- Humana
$89 -- Aetna
$91 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$92 -- Manhattan Life
$92 -- Cigna
$94 -- Humana
$95 -- Medico


Prince William County Plan B


$106 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$120 -- Aetna
$161 -- Assured Life


Prince William County Plan C


$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$157 -- Manhattan Life
$203 -- Assured Life


Prince William County Plan F (High Deductible)


$36 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$40 -- Great Southern Life
$44 -- Cigna
$47 -- Humana
$57 -- Aetna


Prince William County Plan F


$118 -- Lumico Life
$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$137 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$138 -- Great Southern Life
$140 -- Union Security
$141 -- Transamerica
$143 -- Humana
$144 -- Thrivent
$151 -- Aetna
$159 -- Greek Catholic Union
$159 -- Manhattan Life
$162 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$162 -- Cigna
$181 -- Medico
$249 -- Assured Life


Prince William County Plan G


$103 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$103 -- Union Security
$104 -- Transamerica
$106 -- Lumico Life
$108 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$111 -- Manhattan Life
$112 -- Great Southern Life
$114 -- Thrivent
$114 -- Humana
$116 -- American Retirement Life
$119 -- Medico
$120 -- Aetna
$123 -- Greek Catholic Union
$136 -- Mutual Of Omaha


Prince William County Plan N


$77 -- Transamerica
$80 -- Union Security
$88 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$88 -- Lumico Life
$89 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$89 -- Greek Catholic Union
$91 -- American Retirement Life
$92 -- Thrivent
$94 -- Humana
$95 -- Great Southern Life
$96 -- Aetna
$97 -- Medico
$98 -- Manhattan Life
$99 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$111 -- Assured Life


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan B

$99 -- Aetna
$106 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$161 -- Assured Life


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan C


$121 -- Manhattan Life
$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$203 -- Assured Life


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan F (High Deductible)


$33 -- Great Southern Life
$36 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$43 -- Humana
$47 -- Aetna


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan F

$115 -- Great Southern Life
$118 -- Thrivent
$118 -- Lumico
$120 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$120 -- Union Security
$122 -- Manhattan Life
$122 -- Greek Catholic Union
$125 -- Aetna
$131 -- Humana
$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$133 -- Greek Catholic Union
$141 -- Transamerica
$146 -- American Retirement Life
$152 -- Anthem BCBS
$162 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$171 -- Medico


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan G


$89 -- Union Security
$90 -- Lumico Life
$93 -- Anthem BCBS
$93 -- Thrivent
$93 -- Manhattan Life
$94 -- Great Southern Life
$95 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$95 -- American Retirement Life
$99 -- Aetna
$103 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$103 -- Greek Catholic Union
$104 -- Transamerica
$105 -- Humana
$109 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$110 -- Medico
$144 -- Assured Life


Chesterfield and Henrico Counties Plan N

$69 -- Union Security
$75 -- Lumico Life
$75 -- Greek Catholic Union
$75 -- American Retirement Life
$76 -- Thrivent
$77 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$77 -- Transamerica
$79 -- Aetna
$79 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$80 -- Great Southern Life
$82 -- Manhattan Life
$85 -- Anthem BCBS
$86 -- Humana
$89 -- Medico


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan B


$106 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$120 -- Aetna
$161 -- Assured Life


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan C


$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$144 -- Manhattan Life
$203 -- Assured Life


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan F (High Deductible)


$36 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$40 -- Great Southern Life
$43 -- Humana
$57 -- Aetna


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan F


$118 -- Lumico Life
$131 -- Humana
$132 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$137 -- Guarantee Trust Life
$138 -- Great Southern Life
$140 -- Union Security
$141 -- Transamerica
$143 -- Anthem BCBS
$144 -- Thrivent
$146 -- Manhattan Life
$151 -- Aetna
$152 -- Anthem BCBS
$152 -- Greek Catholic Union
$162 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$181 -- Medico
$187 -- Gerber


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan G


$88 -- Anthem BCBS
$90 -- Lumico Life
$99 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$103 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$103 -- Union Security
$104 -- Transamerica
$105 -- Humana
$109 -- Americo
$111 -- Manhattan Life
$114 -- Thrivent
$116 -- American Retirement Life
$116 -- Medico
$120 -- Aetna
$141 -- Gerber


Loudoun, Fauquier, Culpeper, Clarke, and Rappahannock Counties Plan N


$74 -- Lumico Life
$77 -- Transamerica
$79 -- Mutual Of Omaha
$80 -- Anthem BCBS
$80 -- Union Security
$86 -- Humana
$89 -- AARP-UnitedHealthcare
$89 -- Americo
$89 -- Greek Catholic Union
$91 -- American Retirement Life
$92 -- Thrivent
$94 -- Medico
$96 -- Aetna
$98 -- Manhattan Life
$96 -- Aetna
$99 -- Assured Life


Does The Virginia Health Insurance Exchange Offer Options?


The Exchange (or Marketplace) was created by the Affordable Care Act legislation six years ago. Many plan options for individuals and small businesses are available with a potential for a federal subsidy to reduce premiums. However, these policies are for persons that are not eligible for Medicare. Therefore, they would not be applicable for anyone seeking supplementary benefits. Although the subsidy can provide a credit as much as $10,000 per year per family, it only applies to eligible applicants under age 65. Often, adults are subsidy-eligible and dependents are CHIP-eligible.


If someone in your household (spouse) is under age 65, the Exchange is the correct destination to purchase individual medical coverage. All policies are guaranteed to be approved, and as previously mentioned, the federal government provides subsidies that are based on household income. The four available tiers of Metal plans are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. "Catastrophic" options are offered to persons under age 30. However, for "financial hardship" situations, a catastrophic plan would be offered. Since federal subsidies don't apply to catastrophic plans, often, a Bronze-tier contract is more suitable.


Medicare Advantage Plans In Virginia


Also referred to as MA or Part C coverage, Advantage contracts typically cost less than standard Medigap plans and are issued by private carriers. Part A and Part B are provided by the insurer along with all other services provided by Medicare. We have listed below popular options that include prescription drug benefits. NOTE: Out-of-pocket expenses should always be considered when comparing and choosing a policy.

Erickson Advantage Champion
Erickson Advantage Freedom
Erickson Advantage Guardian
Erickson Advantage Signature With Drugs
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plus Basic w/D
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plus High w/D
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plus Standard w/D
AARP MedicareComplete Plan 1
AARP MedicareComplete Plan 2
AARP MedicareComplete Plus Plan 1
AARP MedicareComplete Plan 2
Anthem MediBlue Access
Anthem MediBlue Care To You
Anthem MediBlue COPD
Anthem MediBlue Diabetes
Anthem MediBlue Dual Advantage
Anthem MediBlue Local
Anthem MediBlue Smart Fit


Can I Buy A Supplement Plan If I Am Under Age 65?


Although in some states, Medigap policies are available for this situation, here in Virginia (and 19 other states), there are no plans offered until you reach age 65. Although federal legislation mandates that insurers offer Supplement plans if you reach age 65, there is currently no Virginia law that requires policies to be offered if you have not reached age 65. However, a bill has been introduced in the legislature but has not been passed yet. Several area states that allow this provision include Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.


If you qualify for social security disability, and have received payments for 24 months, you become eligible for Medicare. But approximately 20% of your out-of-pocket expenses may not be covered, which can leave extremely large outstanding medical bills if you are treated for an expensive or chronic condition.


Are Ratings Of An Insurance Company Important?


Yes they are. Naturally, a higher rating  often has a direct relationship of the insurer's safety, and its ability to pay claims and/or respond to complaints. The safety of its investments is also sometimes considered along with consumer acceptability and how effectively the product meets their needs. We listed below several of the larger and most reputable rating organizations:

Standard And Poors

A.M.Best Company



I'm Retired And Have A Supplemental Policy Through My Ex-Employer


Virginia Medigap Prices Online

Compare Senior Healthcare Options In Virginia


It's not uncommon  for an employer, as part of your retirement package, to offer supplemental benefits in addition to your pension. Often, dental, vision and Medicare supplements are included. Typically, these coverages are fairly comprehensive and quite inexpensive when compared to other options. It is important to understand that if converting from group to private coverage (dental and vision), benefits may decrease, and your deductible (if applicable) may increase. Also, if you change from a private dental or vision plan to another, it will involve underwriting, which could result in a denial of coverage.


Before cancelling any type of employer-sponsored (and partially-paid) for a less expensive alternative, you should carefully research which benefits you may be losing and what out-of-pocket cost you could potentially pay as a result. An experienced website or broker is a great resource for unbiased advice. We can evaluate your options and advise you which combination of plans will cost the least, and maximize your coverage. Each year, it's important to re-evaluate your options before the Open Enrollment deadline expires (Senior or under-65).


Once you terminate a policy that your ex-employer provides, you may not be able to qualify for the same plan if you have to re-apply. Or, it may not be available for you, your spouse or any dependents that were listed on the contract. If you lose coverage and are under age 65, you can use the annual Open Enrollment period to secure coverage, or an SEP (Special Enrollment Period). Although you can terminate benefits at any time, you may not be able to switch to another policy until the next OE period.


What Is Medicare Select?


This is a specialized program that features very affordable premiums for one of the basic 11 available plans. However, your treatment and medical care is provided by a limited network of physicians and facilities that have an agreement with the insurer. Negotiated rates help reduce medical costs to members. Because your existing doctor or specialist may not be available, it's important to know in advance where you can get treatment and if that is acceptable.


Non-emergency visits and expenses will likely have a higher out-of-pocket cost if you choose to be treated "out of network." Unless it is an emergency, expenses from these types of visits must be paid by you. Referrals are also typically required from your primary care physician before a visit with a specialist is scheduled. Also, since it is only supplemental coverage, it is not designed to replace Medicare benefits in Virginia or any other state. Also, these types of plans are not offered in all counties.


Prescription Drug Assistance Programs In Virginia


If any household has limited income and/or resources to pay for drugs, as much as $3,600 per year is available to help pay for copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and the actual policy premium. Social Security provides this very valuable coverage. Generally, to qualify, single household income must be less than $16,245, and $21,855 for a married couple. If there are other members of the family living in the household, the allowed income amounts increase.


Virginia Drug Card


Pharmacy discounts are provided to all state residents through this free card. Common uses are drugs not covered under a private medical plan or Part D contracts. Occasionally, using the card may offer a lower out-of-pocket cost than the copay from your existing policy. There are no age, income, or eligibility requirements, and claims forms are not used. The "lowest Rx Price Logic" is used to provide the lowest possible cost, and formulary medications are also included.


Applying for the car requires no personal information or cost. Cards can be printed directly from the website for multiple family members. The card is shown at the time you pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. Approximately 70,000 pharmacies participate in the program, which covers all FDA-approved generic and brand name drugs. Up to 80% discounts are possible on many drugs. The card can be used at many locations, including Target, Safeway, CVS, Giant, Farm Fresh, Kmart, Walgreens, WalMart, along with more than 50,000 pharmacies throughout the US.


In addition to Social Security, additional State pharmacy assistance programs include Patient Services Incorporated (PSI), State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (SPAP), and AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Several discount drug programs are also offered, but you should never pay any fee to join. Often, these free online cards can provide valuable savings.


Final Tips Before Purchasing


The State Corporation Commission's Bureau offers great advice for seniors when contemplating an enrollment or approached by an individual or company regarding buying a plan. Several of their suggestions include:


Don't let a free Seminar dinner influence your decision. And ask for literature you can take home.

Don't trust all designations and credentials. Investigate them yourself. Just because someone is "certified," "accredited," or a "senior adviser" does not necessarily mean they have a significant amount of training and/or understanding.

If you don't comprehend the product you are buying, or are not sure if it will help you, request an explanation.

You can view specific plan benefits, online or by requesting that a hard copy be sent in the mail.


Virginia Medicare Supplement options can save you money when you need it most. We help you compare the most affordable plans and apply for coverage. There is never a cost or obligation, and enrollment is guaranteed during designated periods. And finally, if you plan to travel internationally, a Medigap option may be a better choice than Advantage coverage. Selected plans (C,D,F,G, and N) offer international travel benefits after a small deductible has been met. Up to $50,000 of expenses may be claimed (your lifetime).


Additional Notes


Senator John Edwards from Roanoke has introduced a bill to the Committee on Commerce And Labor. If approved and passed, it would require insurers to provide Medicare Supplement coverage to persons under age 65. Currently, it is not available.


Free Prescription medication? Yes, if you qualify, it will not cost you any money. The "Medicine Program" is free, and is an organization that helps consumers find and apply for Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). Typically, the PAPs are funded by large pharmaceutical companies and more than 2,000 drugs qualify for usage. Their link is here and if approved, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in drug costs.